Stage 3 Giro d'Italia 2016

This year the Giro d’Italia celebrates its 100th edition. Except for the war years, the race has been held every year since 1909. This year it celebrates by being entirely on Italian soil and by racing in as many regions as it can in twenty-one stages. The 20th stage, on Saturday May 27, from Pordenone to Asiago, will be especially generous to our area with vantage points from which to view the race. It will be a 118 mile long four star stage with climbs to both the summit of Monte Grappa and to the Asiago Plateau. The first will be a 15 mile climb from Caupo on the north side of Monte Grappa  to the summit. The spread-out riders will pass 2.5 miles from our hotel at the bottom of the long (16 miles) technical descent on the south side. Next will be the climb to Foza on the Asiago Plateau. The Foza climb offers a steady 7% grade and is rich with hairpin turns. The remaining 9 miles to the finish are mostly slightly downhill.

The next Saturday, June 3, is Monte Grappa Bike Day, a well organized ride to the summit of Monte Grappa with all the roads closed to motor vehicles. Registration is optional and there is no fee or medical certificate required to participate. There will be a pasta party at the finish. The Monte Grappa Bike Night on July 22, does the same ride but at night.

The Italian Cycling Center offers an inexpensive and flexible European bicycling vacation for tourists and fitness riders. Our daily rides, at different ability levels, accommodate couples and groups who cycle at different paces, or who have different expectations from cycling.

A different concept- Rather than travel from town to town, with the inconvenience of daily packing and moving, we operate from a base located in an area with exceptional cycling. We don’t concentrate on wine tasting, expensive epicurean meals, and luxurious lodgings, rather we focus on providing cycling that is appropriate for each rider’s abilities and interests. Our cycling is challenging and our prices are moderate, not the other way around. By keeping marketing expenses minimal and locating away from crowded tourist destinations, we are able to provide comfortable accommodations and outstanding meals at a lower cost than most European cycling tours.

Climate- Unlike in regions further south, the nearby Alps keep the summers from being uncomfortably hot. Daytime temperatures range from 60° to 85° (15º to 29º C). There is little rainfall from mid-June to mid-September. July and August have the best conditions for cycling, with clear blue skies and the least traffic on the roads.

Non-cycling companions are welcome and can have a fulfilling vacation enjoying various activities. By participating in the daily rides as a passenger on the camp scooter, a non-cyclist can see and enjoy the spectacular countryside, challenging climbs, and works of art that the cyclists enjoy.

Other non-cycling activities include: touring the historic cities of Venice and Padua (both an hour away by train), swimming, hiking in the mountains, rock climbing, parasailing (bring your license), horseback riding, golf, viewing great art in its original setting, or just reading and relaxing in the clean mountain air. The rides usually finish shortly after one o’clock, so the afternoons are free for shared activities.

A popular afternoon activity with both cyclists and non-cyclists is an afternoon hands-on working session in the kitchen with Angela, our chef, learning to make gnocchi and other Italian specialties.

The new spa is a wonderful way to relax after a demanding ride and is located nearby. More information.

Flexibility- Schedule any length of stay, for whatever dates you prefer, May through September. Out of season stays in April and October can often be accommodated on request. Trip insurance is not necessary since prepayment is not required and no dates are ever canceled. If you wish to do additional travel, during or after your stay, you may store your bicycle and extra luggage at our facilities.

The daily rate per person is €130 for double occupancy, and €145 for single occupancy at the Residence. Add €15 to stay at our hotel. The fee includes the ride, lodging, and three exceptional meals (including wine and bottled water) at our hotel’s restaurant. There are no “wine kitties” or hidden charges.

Rental bikes- Good quality road bikes with aluminum, carbon fiber, or chrome-moly tubing frames, and mountain bikes are available for rent for €25 a day (€30 for carbon fiber). Triple or compact cranksets provide low gears for the climbs. To arrange to have a rental bike waiting for you in the bike room when you arrive, contact Patricia at:

How to get there- Venice and Treviso have the closest airports to the Italian Cycling Center. Non-stop flights to Venice are offered from JFK and Atlanta by Delta, and from Philadelphia by American Airways. Ryanair offers inexpensive flights from England to Treviso. We can arrange transportation to and from these airports at any time of day.

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